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Dancer Blog

5-6-7-8 Dancer Blog by Jackie

5-6-7-8 Dancer Blog by Jacqueline

The 5-6-7-8 dancer blog acting as a resource for inspiration, information and community built on a dance-fever drive, passion is encouraged and infused with a visit to the En Pointe website and a click onto the 5-6-7-8 dancer blog. Updated regularly by the voice behind the 5-6-7-8 dancer blog, our head contributing writer Jacqueline Podewils has lived the life of a dancer through local studios, training at the Canadian College of Performing Arts, the Broadway Theatre Project, Radio City Music Hall and years in New York City with Steps and Broadway Dance Center. Her view is clear and wisdom accurate amidst the joys and struggles associated with the pursuit of dance as a focal point in one’s life. 

Dancer Blog

The 5-6-7-8 dancer blog, as a segment of En Pointe Enterprises’ global website, is all about the needs of a dancer. Aspects of a dancer’s life are vast, however encircle their top priority which is their craft; the world truly revolves around and is expressed through dance. Every concern ties back to a basic love, a love for movement and beauty of which can be seen itself as basic or intricate or both. Thus this dancer blog reflects such desire and opinion, bettering those with an interest to develop such talent. The style truly inherent, the technique itself must be taught, honed and practiced in the studio, on the PortaBarre, and on the PortaFloor; where En Pointe comes into play is with an ease designed to accommodate the training of a dancer in pursuit of their dreams. With equipment of all specifics sorts, from portable studio mirrors to dance accessories, you can get the necessary objects to function as a studio, anywhere anytime. And with a visit to the dancer blog, you can get the inspiration and fellowship with likeminded dance-focused blog articles triggering your delight in dance and motivating your work ethic, self determination and spirit. Representing a belief that with the right equipment and with the right dancer blog anything is possible, En Pointe is there for its dancers. The world of dance is the oyster – the portable ballet barre in tow.