Dance at Home

Dance at Home – Tips for Parents

We welcome guest blogger this week, Charlene Roth. She has written this great blog about Dance at Home and Tips for Parents and we’re so pleased to feature her article. The coronavirus pandemic has been keeping your family at home, but it doesn’t have to pause your child’s dance practice. Whether your child is a[…]

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ProClean D Plus

Disinfecting your Studio

As a business owner, you were likely cleaning and disinfecting your studio with great care before the new rules came into place. As a result of COVID though, it’s more important than ever to follow strict disinfecting cleaning guidelines to keep you, your families and dance families safe. There’s a difference too between cleaning and[…]

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swivel legs on barre

Dancing from Home

We have some great ideas for you to continue your love of dance – from home! Despite all the current challenges, our wonderful dance community has come together offering classes online, which makes it possible for you to keep practicing and training from the comfort and safety of your home. By now, we’re sure you[…]

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EnPointe Exhibiting at Dance Teacher Expo Shows

How many Dance Teacher Expo shows are you attending the rest of this year? EnPointe has several lined up and we are busy bees getting ourselves ready for exhibiting. This year we are exhibiting at the following Dance Teacher Expo shows: Calgary Dance Teacher Expo  – July 21st – 23rd Held at the Hyatt Regency[…]

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Spring is literally just around the corner!

Spring is literally just around the corner. Although for some of us, there is still snow on the ground. For others, flowers are just about blooming, but I’m sure you are all feeling that Spring in your dance step! Of course, in the dance world we think of Igor Stravinsky’s astonishing ballet, The Rite of[…]

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EnPointe at Dance Teacher Web Live in Vegas!

It’s that time again! EnPointe is once again exhibiting at the Dance Teacher Web Live Conference, August 1st to 4th -packed with dance workshops, fun events, master classes and more – and it’s back in Vegas. What an amazing conference and EnPointe loves being part of this event. It is at the Red Rock Casino Resort Spa[…]

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Where on earth did the word Tutu come from? Well it’s a bit of a mystery really as the word Tutu and Tutus did not show up anywhere until 1881 – who knew? There are several types of professional ballet tutus. The Romantic Tutu came into origin when Marie Taglioni first wore a gauzy white[…]

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It’s all about the brackets, ‘bout the brackets…

Brackets are actually very important when thinking about what kind of barres you need for your studio. You may not realize all the brackets for barres options available to you from EnPointe! We offer many types of brackets for barres, so you have quite a few to choose from. We manufacture our brackets from high[…]

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Need more Ballet Barre space in your Studio?

So. You’ve run out of ballet barre space in your Studio? The wall mount barre has become too crowded perhaps? Dancers are being squished? No room for new students? We’re talking today about our freestanding ballet barres and how they are a great solution – creating more space for students in dance classes. A bit of info about[…]

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Interesting Facts about Ballet!

We’re going to offer a very brief history lesson today as we thought it would be interesting to share the origins and some facts about ballet. Did you know that Ballet has its origins in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th and 16th centuries? The word ballet comes from French and subsequently used in[…]

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Storage for Barres – EnPointe’s Solution

Today, let’s talk about storage for Barres, particularly our freestanding and portable barres. Storage for barres is a conversation we often have with our customers. We hear how they need to move their barres as they have multi-use rooms or share a facility or just want to store them away each day. We designed our StudioBarres[…]

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Dance Feature – Dancing Dads!

Every year we attend several Dance trade shows and as exhibitors we not only meet wonderful attendees, but we have also formed some great friendships with other exhibitors too. Geoff Higgins is one of our friends from the trade shows and we decided to feature him in our blog. Geoff works in customer care at[…]

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EnPointe’s Dance Academy Feature

On the west coast of beautiful British Columbia is a dance academy – the only one in their lovely coastal town. It has been a dance studio for twenty-five years with the current owner running it for the last fifteen years. The dance academy had only 160 students when the owner first purchased and she[…]

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Barres in Motion

Look what happens when vendors are not busy at trade shows! Eric Garand Raymond from International Kin-Ball Sport Federation does a parallel bar routine on one of our StudioBarres and a PortaBarre. Our ballet barres are not intended for this type of use, but this does demonstrate how strong and sturdy our barres are!

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Tiny Tea Teatox is Good for Dancers

There is a new tea brand on the horizon; it’s called Your Tea, and specifically its product called Tiny Tea Teatox is good for dancers. Offering a detoxifying cleanse to the body, it can decrease bloating, clear up skin, and also grant additional energy and overall well-being. Perfect specifically for an artist reliant on their[…]

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Man Bun Versus the Ballet Bun

A hairstyle seemingly as old as dance itself now has competition; the bun has spun new trend among the males of today and thus “man bun versus ballet bun” lightheartedly ensues. As iconic as it is with the art and the artist, the slickness, simplicity and functionality of the bun lends itself well to those[…]

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