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Tiny Tea Teatox is Good for Dancers

There is a new tea brand on the horizon; it’s called Your Tea, and specifically its product called Tiny Tea Teatox is good for dancers. Offering a detoxifying cleanse to the body, it can decrease bloating, clear up skin, and also grant additional energy and overall well-being. Perfect specifically for an artist reliant on their body to be in top condition, this 28-day cleanse or “teatox” is a must for any dancer.

I was introduced to this product through a fellow dancer of mine in Vancouver, Canada. She recommended the tea for its ability to clear up her skin and thus clear up mine. Standing behind the tea’s concept is the promoted idea that if your body has nothing to reject, it will have nothing to eject. In addition, strong is its focus on the partnership between the stomach and the spleen thus aiding in digestion.

This nourishment and purification also inhibiting bloating, when your “body is happy” and acting properly, toxins can’t build up and create discomfort. Furthermore, because of this smooth process now back in check, excess weight will not build up and you may even benefit from weight loss due to the detoxifying tea cleanse.

I personally have noticed a difference, as well as those around me who have commented on a thinner and healthier looking face. When I skip a tea day I can actually feel the difference in regards to bloating and sluggishness throughout my body. There is definitely a natural energy from well-being that is produced when the body is ready and in ideal condition.

Taking care is enjoyable – as the tea is pretty tasty – as well as easy. One steeped tea bag before or after a meal twice a day is all it takes. I put my tea bag in a traveler and carry it with me throughout the day sometimes.

The brand Your Tea also makes “mood teas” in addition to their body teas. Whether you are focusing on happiness, anti-cellulite, “skin magic” or even a gluten-free tea, there is one for you at My favorite, without a doubt, being the Tiny Tea – especially for dancers.

– love from J