Great news! Still time to order our PortaBarre as a gift for the holidays!

Wondering what to buy the dancer in your family? We have the perfect present – EnPointe’s PortaBarre with carrying case. A portable ballet barre is a must for any dancer on the go!

Portable Ballet Barre
Black PortaBarre with Carrying Case


A great present for a daughter, son, or even for yourself! If they would love to practice more at home in their dance studio or any space your dancer uses then the PortaBarre is the perfect solution.  They would also be able to take the portable ballet barre to a friend’s house!

portable ballet barre
Our PortaBarre – 4.5′ in gray.










Wish they had a barre at Dance Recitals or competitions? Then our portable ballet barre with carrying case can easily be taken to these events.

What is the PortaBarre you ask? It truly is a portable ballet barre that is available in either 4.5’, 9’, or 13’ lengths. The 4.5’ and 9’ both come with one custom-made, padded carrying case and the 13’ has two. The PortaBarre is lightweight but strong and stable and puts together in seconds with our spring-lock system.

EnPointe’s portable ballet barre with carrying case is lightweight. The 4.5’ barre only weighs 15lbs and the 9’ with carrying case is only 25lbs.

Portable Ballet Barre with Carrying Case
Here’s our PortaBarre in the carrying case

It doesn’t take up much room when not in use as the PortaBarre feet can swivel flat to be stored against a wall or in a closet, or popped back into the carrying case and placed under a bed. Very handy for moving through doorways or tight spaces. What a great space-saving feature for a portable ballet barre!





And…. we offer color options– Black, Gray or White aluminum. And the 4.5’ comes in Pink! Yes Pink!




Don’t delay – contact us today to place your order in time for a PortaBarre to be delivered for Christmas!

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EnPointe Exhibiting at Dance Teacher Expo Shows

How many Dance Teacher Expo shows are you attending the rest of this year?

EnPointe has several lined up and we are busy bees getting ourselves ready for exhibiting.

This year we are exhibiting at the following Dance Teacher Expo shows:

Calgary Dance Teacher Expo  – July 21st – 23rd
Held at the Hyatt Regency Calgary Hotel

Calgary Dance Teacher Expo
Calgary Dance Teacher Expo

There will be workshops, competitions, a fashion show and the Expo of course! The event is organized by DanceAttack. Attendees can enjoy an experience overflowing with entertainment and special perks only at DanceAttack. DanceAttack expanded in 2016 to offer The Calgary Dance Teacher Expo which provides the same aspects as its sister Expo in Toronto! Be sure to come to our booth, enter our draw to win a ballet barre and chat with us about your barre, glassless mirrors and flooring needs for your dance studio


DanceTeacherWeb LIVE Conference & Expo  – July 24th – 27th
Held again at the Red Rock Casino Resort Spa in Las Vegas

Dance Teacher Web Live Expo
Exhibit Floor- Dance Teacher Web Live

EnPointe has been exhibiting at this show for many years and it is always a pleasure to attend. We see our wonderful customers, meet new customers, visit with our fellow vendors and of course catch up with Steve and Angela – our fabulous hosts. Vendors are always treated like Dance Teacher Show family and we love that! Please stop by our booth to chat and see our Glassless Mirrors – you won’t believe they are not glass! We will also have our ballet barres on show and check out our flooring samples. We are a one-stop-shop for dance studios.

Toronto Dance Teacher Expo  – August 8th – 10th
Being held at the International Plaza Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Dance Teacher Expo
Toronto Dance Teacher Expo

In 2015, DanceAttack expanded to Toronto, organizing the Toronto Dance Teacher Expo in which 600+ studio directors and teachers from all across Canada came together for an exciting and uplifting three days of instruction. This year promises to be bigger and better! We are so pleased to be attending and meeting new and current customers at the Expo. Please come to our booth to visit and say hi!

Looking forward to seeing you all!!

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Spring is literally just around the corner!

Spring is literally just around the corner. Although for some of us, there is still snow on the ground. For others, flowers are just about blooming, but I’m sure you are all feeling that Spring in your dance step!

Of course, in the dance world we think of Igor Stravinsky’s astonishing ballet, The Rite of Spring, a ballet and orchestral work, written in 1913. The music and choreography were so avant-garde it caused a sensation and a near riot in the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées’ audience!

The Rite of Spring has been reimagined numerous times:

The Rite of Spring
The Mariinsky Ballet’s production of “Le Sacre du printemps.” (N. Razina)
Rite of Spring
Erik Cavallari and Sophie Martin (centre) with Scottish Ballet in Kenneth MacMillan’s ‘Elite Syncopations’.
Photo Andrew Ross, © Scottish Ballet

Looking for Spring-like color inspiration for your ballet costumes?

These dancers from the Shanghai Ballet, The Butterfly Lovers – Feast of Colors, were dressed to represent Spring’s lively birds and flowers. The crystals sparkled beautifully when the tutus and arm pieces quivered gently with the elegant movements of the dancers.

Shanghai Ballet, The Butterfly Lovers – Feast of Colors - Spring!
Shanghai Ballet, The Butterfly Lovers – Feast of Colors – Spring!

Speaking of Spring and Dance. If your classes are expanding and you need more barre space, remember that we have various sizes to choose from with our freestanding StudioBarres. We recommend, depending on the age of your dancers, about three feet per dancer. Our StudioBarres start at 4ft and go up to 20ft!

EnPointe’s StudioBarre in Gray Aluminum with swivel feet.
EnPointe’s StudioBarre in Gray Aluminum with swivel feet.

We can help with all your dance studio’s needs for wall mount, freestanding or portable barres with bags. We also carry glassless mirrors – wall mount or on rolling stands and have many types of flooring, including sprung sub-flooring, various vinyl dance flooring depending on your use and everything you need to maintain and clean your flooring. Let our experts guide you – we are happy to help!

Remember to follow us on all the usual social media platforms for everything Dance related- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest .

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Valentine’s Day – a time to celebrate love, friendship and romance!

February is a month for romance and particularly Valentine’s Day. Did you know there was a ‘romantic tutu’? It was white, multi-layered and very full, worn with a white bodice. This became the costume for the Romantic ballerina in the 1800s.

Ballerina Natalia Kolosova as Myrtha in Giselle - a romantic ballet.
Ballerina Natalia Kolosova as Myrtha in Giselle .

Romanticism in art and literature and those ideas defined and created this romantic era of ballet. It was primarily at the Théâtre de l’Académie Royale de Musique of the Paris Opera Ballet and Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.

This era was also responsible for making the ballerina the forefront of ballets. Men were no longer the shining star!

Candles had previously been used – yes candles! Then gas lighting came along – changing everything,  so now theaters could use dimming effects for creating romantic moods.

Did you also know that pointework was still in its very early stages but greatly influenced how people saw ballerinas and ballet?

Marie Taglioni became the epitome of the romantic ballerina with her performance in the 1827 of La Sylphide when it debuted in Paris. She became the world’s most famous ballerina!

The four most famous Romantic ballerinas in 1845 were Marie Taglioni, Carlotta Grisi, Fanny Cerrito and Lucile Grahn. Together they appeared in the Pas de Quatre, on the London Stage, which was choreographed by Jules Perrot.

Here are just a few of our favorite romantic ballets – which are your favorites?

La Sylphide – the first major romantic ballet – and still performed regularly.

Sleeping Beauty – the kiss!

Swan Lake – so beautiful.

La fille mal gardée– and no-one dies.

Those are ours – what are your favorite romantic ballets and is your studio hosting a Valentine’s Day theme?

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