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Storage for Barres – EnPointe’s Solution

Today, let’s talk about storage for Barres, particularly our freestanding and portable barres.

Storage for barres is a conversation we often have with our customers. We hear how they need to move their barres as they have multi-use rooms or share a facility or just want to store them away each day. We designed our StudioBarres and PortaBarres to be very durable and also to be easily moved around- this makes for easy storage too.

A few years ago, at a Dance trade show, we were approached by one of our Japanese customers who owns a few dance studios. He was explaining that in Japan the studios are quite small due to building size restrictions so storage for barres was a high priority. He told us how he had adapted the feet to swivel for flat storage. We were then able to implement that change into our barre design as well.

Since then, this design element in our barres is extremely popular.

We recently heard from one of our customers – Chelsey from One Love Hot Yoga in Cranbrook, BC, who had found the perfect brackets at Home Depot for storing her StudioBarres! They even match the gray. We were very impressed with Chelsey’s solution – great storage for barres.

Storage for Barres

Remember too that our Portable Barre comes with its own carrying case that folds compact and flat.

Portable barre - storage for barres


You can also just lean our barres together against a wall as the feet lay flat, or put them in a storage room if you have one. Moving through narrow doorways and hallways is a cinch too!

If you have just one Barre, why not consider using EnPointe’s brackets for storage and you can match the color too as they come in white, black or gray.

Here’s a side view of our open bracket in white.

EnPointe's brackets - storage for barres

If you have the perfect storage solution for our barres, let us know!