Wall Mount Mirrors

Shatterproof Mirrors – Wall mount mirrors

Glassless panels of shatterproof mirrors are perfect anywhere you want a mirror.  Our lightweight glassless mirrors are made of a high optical grade, very tough reflective film that results in a completely shatterproof and unbreakable mirror.  The image reflected is amazingly brighter and provides a super clear high definition.  Often times the image of the shatterproof mirrors are better as compared to glass, plastic or acrylic mirrors. The glassless mirrors will never shatter and will be able to withstand even the strongest vibrations and shock.

Glassless Shatterproof Mirrors help eliminate injury and liability.
Shatterproof Mirrors are Safe and Lightweight

The shatterproof mirrors are safe and lightweight to mount on walls and ceilings.  There is no need to hire professionals – little or no preparation is required to install the panels.  The brackets (included) for wall mount installation do not require wall inserts or supports.  Installing a glassless mirror panel is like to hanging a picture.  Unlike glass plate mirrors, shatterproof mirrors do not need to glued down.  Shatterproof mirrors can easily be suspended from the ceiling.  Just mount with nylon line, wire or attach with “Velcro”. The panels of shatterproof mirrors are pre-drilled both for horizontal or vertical installation .

If you need to move to a new studio, shatterproof mirrors are easy to remove and relocate. This is the perfect solution for dance, martial arts, yoga and pilates studios, theaters, fitness centers, schools, universities and more.  Using shatterproof mirrors eliminate injury and liability.

Our shatterproof mirrors, constructed with a foam backing, do not reflect back sound the way a standard plate glass mirror does.  The film on glassless mirrors has little mass.  This practically eliminates the problem of static electricity. If the shatterproof mirrors should get dirty, it can be cleaned by gently wiping using a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

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