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Stability on and off the barre

Any dancer will testify the power of stability and balance. Those two elements are the foundation of dance. They hold it all together. Dance and movement and the beauty of what stems from a solid grounding and understanding of posture, structure, strength, placement can be taught, retaught and practice-practice-practiced. And thus it is an inspiration to know this reaches beyond the dance floor…

En Pointe caught up with Marci Janecek, proudly using En Pointe portabarres for what is by far one of the most useful and flattering (to En Pointe) uses out there… The          Building Balance Program (a falls prevention program) provided by the South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre.

A program developed for seniors who are fearful of falling or who have had falls or near falls, the program improves strength and balance to help seniors stay on their feet and prevent fractures. (Any dancer will also confirm how horrible a fracture can be!)

Using the bars to help stabilize during balance and strengthening exercise. these portabarres are perfect because they are lightweight and easy to put together, take down, and relocate.  

Glad to see portabarres are reaching studios, community centres, and health programs, keep in mind this portable equipment can fascilitate miracles in your own home as you aim for strength, stability and growth in regards to your own body, health, and personal development.

Thanks again to Marci Janecek – keep up the good work in Building Balance!

– love from J