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Self-Trained Dancers Make Use of Portable Dance Equipment.

Self-trained dancers are popping up industry wide; the ability to do so is made possible in part by useful, portable dance equipment. This includes PortaFloors, PortaBarres, and portable mirrors. Such items can be taken advantage of by an individual at home, while traveling or in an available local studio.

Known as an autodidact, a self trained person requires immense talent, work ethic and determination. But this art of development often relies on environmental tools in order to succeed, regardless if a coach or guiding professional is or is not on hand.

First, a practical surface to practice upon is of utmost importance; this is where the PortaFloor comes into play. With a durable, laminate surface, it can be placed atop carpet, concrete or wood making it easier and more enjoyable to dance while removing the hazard and danger inappropriate flooring can cause. True that surfaces such as concrete put the dancer in harm’s way, the wrong floor is hard on the body’s muscles and joints in addition to being an unforgiving place to fall. In training the movement is not perfect; therefore the floor has to be.


Self-trained dancers identify the importance of a proper environment with portable dance equipment.
Self-trained dancers identify the importance of a proper environment with portable dance equipment.

Portabarres lend themselves well to autodidact dancers as well; they create a studio anywhere, anytime. Perfect for stretching, building balance and warming up in ballet routine, it can assist in your pursuit of technical development and poise.

Last but not least, there is the mirror. The mirror and the dancer is as old a tale can be. Relying on reflection to guide, improve, reference and approve, one’s expressiveness through body movement is honed with this sole piece of equipment. It can be the one key element. It reveals your presentation – it shows the dancer what the audience sees. A glassless version, available on wheels, can grant this viewing opportunity.

In seeking perfection in a n entertaining world of self-trained dancers, keep in mind the power of portable dance equipment and the tool of which a proper environment can be. It can be built anywhere, but it is important to do so; it is beyond useful, it is necessary.

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