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Is a barre just a barre

To a non-dancer a barre is just a barre. An extension of a wall of a studio where ballerinas flock to stretch. Warming up is crucial to anyone moving and bending for both enjoyment and/or work but why the barre? What’s up with the long sturdy accessory?

Barre3 – the 3 symbolizing balance, practice and life – is a new company offering classes in which the barre is used to develop the length of a dancer and the strength of an athlete with highly effective 60-minute workouts. The postural benefits and core building are unlike any other proving the barre plays a major part.

Founded by Mark Mastrov (founder of 24 hour fitness worldwide) the program has grown internationally and is offered in studios from Oregon to Oklahoma.

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The barre fitness concept continues to grow and Canada’s own Barre Fitness program in Yaletown, Vancouver is home to its flagship studio offering classes in many levels.

Here’s what they had to say about the workout:

Barre Fitness™, is an exceptional one-hour regime of ballet, pilates, strength and flexibility training using a ballet barre. This total body conditioning technique has been intertwined to create an intense workout, guaranteed to transform and sculpt your entire body. The classes are choreographed to the hottest music in a fun, supportive and high-energy environment.

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So lets all live happier, healthier lives, one plie at a time – dancers and non dancers alike!