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All paths pointe to Henry Street

It’s on Henry Street you’ll find the modern day dancers of historic Victoria West. They’ll be tucked inside St. Saviour’s Church where David Beales has recently started up Maple Leaf School of Ballet. Housing programs for toddlers (ages 2-3) to adult ballet (18+), competition prep, drop-ins, and general classes are offered to train and enjoy the beauty in movement paired with music.

Getting en pointe is paired with self discipline, technicality, choreography, diligence and practice in all five positions. So move through first, second, third, fourth and fifth under the training of Mr. Beales, professionally experience and hailing from none other than the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, previous training being Canadian School of Ballet in Kelowna, British Columbia.

With an incredibly proper schedule line up including an open house tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd (from 11am to 4pm) to auditions for none other than Royal Winnipeg Ballet Summer School and National Ballet School of Canada Summer School, you’re in good hands if dance is your all.

Loving the environment, I am taken aback to my first dance class which was also in a church surprisingly! Never will I forget warming up for jazz class rolling down to Ricky Martin in none other than the beauty of an old church, as the Robb Card Dance Studio used to rent out the church space down the street for overflow classes.

Perhaps it is the perfect place for expression, development, community, and inspiration. If it’s God who gave us breath let us move and use it in our dance!

For an extraordinary experience and opportunity to dance, make sure you check out Maple Leaf School of Ballet, Victoria!

– love from J.