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Dancers – Take your PortaBarre to the Beach


Dancers are always dancing. Whatever the age, the rhythm is gonna’ move you! Growing up and going to school, I remember practicing my tap routines while sitting at my desk, shuffling my feet underneath to keep me from ennui. Yes my lack of interest in studies most certainly improved the memory of my tap combinations. And on the home front, my ballet saw the likes of the kitchen, as developes were practiced at the counter, the counter being my bar.

Dancers, it’s important to keep it fresh, routine in head and motion throughout the body, especially in the summer months (aka a big chunk of time off from class). There is summer school for dancers, but many of us flock to summer homes and alternative destinations. Thus a portable dance barre can be a dancer’s best friend in the midst of summer!

Trade in the kitchen studio and counter bar for something all serious dancers need: their own workspace, as this is a future career either in training, the making or the works. PortaBarres can be set up anywhere, anytime – which means you can properly practice at the beach house, at the hotel, in the backyard – wherever you are.

Homework made enjoyably simple, practice, practice, practice all summer long on your En Pointe equipment and start tuning your body up for your fall return into this upcoming dance season.

– love from J