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Snack Time for Dancers

What a dancer eats matters, and thus snack time for dancers is not always an easy one. A dancer’s diet effects a lot. Like an athlete, nutrients and energy are retained through what is consumed, like necessary fuel to keep strong and keep going. But like a work of art, the body must stay toned, sleek, and create a beautiful line while  in motion. This takes determination and focus to achieve. But what if you just want to snack for once? What does snack time for dancers include? Here are a few tricks of the trade which will keep you and your dancer body satisfied in all realms.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn is a great item to snack on. It solves the desired hand motion affiliated with snacking, where a rather large quantity of food can fill a bowl and be consumed. Luckily, as overwhelming as it may look and as full afterward as you may be, the good news is, it’s pretty much just hot air. And what’s not air is whole grain, fiber and antioxidants! Keep it clean, free of butter, oils and salts which retain water and you’ll be just fine, free to snack away.

Popcorn is a great choice when it comes to snack time for dancers.
Popcorn is a great choice when it comes to snack time for dancers.
  1. Vegetables and hot sauce

This may sound crazy, but sometimes what your palette is craving is not necessarily a snack but the sensation of flavor. Eating bland, “healthy” items can bore you, tempting you into the dangerous zones of salty meals and snacks. Although hot sauce can be salty, you can shop them wisely and choose a brand using less sodium in its ingredients. Keep in mind a dash goes a long way and therefore grants instant flavor without calorie punishment. Try it on heads of broccoli as a meal side or daily snack and experiment with it in soups and even beans.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a miracle worker. It is full of probiotics or “living organisms” which translates to a perfect does of bacteria, phenomenal for your digestive system. Yogurt is a dairy, and includes animal proteins as well as calcium. It also helps to clean out and refresh the body. In addition, it tastes great! Perfect if you’re craving something sweet. Eat a whole container of yogurt and feel proud of the right choice.

These easy ideas when it comes to snack time for dancers will keep you up to speed physically while filling that snack void so many dancers feel pressure to constrain to.

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