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How Dance Training can Improve with Encouragement

I have recently come to the awareness of how important and how powerful complimenting can be. Specifically realizing in terms of training and talent, physically and artistically, it is a crucial form of encouragement which dancers all need. When your soul is on the dance floor, you need reassurance that it’s okay to put it there – that your vulnerability belongs and your hard work is paying off.

Praise does not mean the job is done, but that the job is getting done well and right; it helps focus knowing that the track and path is right and that it is going somewhere. Congratulating one’s self and others on simple accomplishments boosts moral, self confidence and esteem which is a vital life force and source of energy. Performers oftentimes feed off of positive attention – after all, that’s what it’s all for and all about.

So how to use this positive and verbal tool to benefit one another? Offering a genuine pat on the back which is helpful, uplifting and almost necessary is not that hard to do. It’s free, easy and fabulous – so let’s do it more often.

First, keep in mind it is oftentimes on display what is beckoning approval. Whether it be a pirouette practiced one hundred times and finally perfected or stage makeup stunningly applied, simply noticing something about someone else’s efforts is a great step.

Next, make it personal. Make the compliment more so about the person and less about a thing. For example, “You landed that pirouette beautifully, it just adds the enjoyment of watching you dance,” is of far greater value than stating the success of the landing.

Third, be friendly; compliment a stranger or fellow student you may not know that well. Not only is it a great way to bridge the friendship gap, it is of utmost flattery to know a stranger has gone out of their way to custom-glorify you.

In conclusion, keep in mind complimenting has a superb effect on the giver as well. Having the ability to influence others in a positive light will boost your own self esteem and confidence. Your opinion matters to those you are complimenting, and their gratitude toward you for sharing will, in return, make your day as well.

– love from J