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Groove Alongside Jaz on YouTube

It stemmed from YouTube-ing the dance choreography to “Blurred Lines” earlier this year; more specifically, the So You Think You Can Dance routine performed last season by favored female competitor, Jasmine. Clad in skinny and stretchy black suit and tie, watching this on repeat only led to suggestive pop-ups on the side – however to my shock, the videos were tasteful, beyond talented, and featured a blonde grooving in Harem pants. This delightful surprise being the discovery of another blurred Jasmine babe, this bombshell went by the name of Jasmine Meakin, or to those who know her from Mega Jam instructional videos and clips, “Jaz.” Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised of this intuitive suggestion by the all-too-savvy internet, as Meakin holds rank as one of the biggest hip hop choreography channels in the world on YouTube.

My style is a very feminine, sexy style of hip hop for the most part, but I like to change it up from week to week. I like lots of different styles of music so that reflects in my classes.  But most of all experience that too.” – Jaz

Jasmine’s classes are taught at the Mad Dance House in Queensland and her proessional work choreographing for the Brisbane Broncos Dance Team only can exemplify her international presence. And that’s exactly what’s so crazily special about dance: it can transcend languages and borders and now with the help of YouTube, you can participate and experience it wherever, whenever; you can immediately enter the same dance studio Jaz is in from your own living space or studio; she doesn’t speak, she moves – and movement is something dancers can understand clearer than any word or sentence.

And so I challenge you to get out your En-Pointe PortaBarre and join in! Taking class can get expensive, but bringing it into your home with tutorials and instructional YouTube video blurbs allows you to learn, to practice, and to join in with those around the world. Start with Jaz and build your YouTube list of favorites – new ones will pop up keeping you intrigued, on your feet, and moving alongside.


– love from J