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Dancing Makes You Happy

They say irrational thinking keeps you happy, or purposely preventing your face from frowning can trigger the brain to think you’re happy, or good old fashioned going outside and catching some sun full of those Vitamin D rays can even lift your spirit. But there’s one thing above all that, especially for dancers, which keeps us happy. And that’s dancing itself.


Funny how when we are lazy, lack motivation, feel down – these are the times we don’t want to go to class and we don’t want to move. Expressing ourselves through our body language is the last thing plausible and yet it is exactly what we need. It’s almost as if the body is the battery and dancing is the charge; that stimulating impulse and desire to project how we feel is crucial in a dancer’s mentality, well being and sanity. We need it!


“The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever.” – W.M. Tory


It’s true that dance also has an after effect; although it is the primary action, it releases a rather euphoric satisfaction to its performer and could easily be stamped “the dance drug.” When you’re in love with  something it can often simulate drug-like pleasure, as it triggers the release of dopamine in the brain which is also known as the “reward” hormone and/ or neurotransmitter. Just as a familiar song you enjoy time and time again, a hug from someone special, an approving smile from someone you admire, a rush while winning a competitive sport – all of these things makes us wildly happy and dance’s dopamine is arguably of the strongest effect.


Leaving a class, going on with your day – the responsiveness your body has shown toward the release of this action will leave you happily rewarded long after the dance is done. It is of significant importance to dance even when you don’t want to and when you are tired because that is when you need it. Dance is where you’ll find it – dance is where you’ll find your happiness.


– love from J