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Dance stores now offer a solution to perfecting dance hairstyles

Achieving the perfect dance hairstyle is easy with a product found in dance stores.


Doing your hair for dance class is an easy fix with a simple new product now found in dance stores. The Pony O, offering ease in achieving ponytails, buns, and other secure up-do styles, can take you from the dance store to the floor to the stage without wasting time and energy.

As a dancer, doing your hair for class is something that once fell to the bottom of the list. This only caused frustration however, as leaving it undone only turned into an annoyance within five minutes or less of class. It was a distraction from practice and from dance itself.

Not to mention performance and competition schedules and the requirement a dancer has to be immaculately assembled from head to toe. Showing up to the theatre’s stage door was not an easy task when taking into account the beforehand beauty regime. If only it was as easy as picking up something fabulous from the dance store!

This is why the Pony O is now saving dancers. A fantastic tip and trick, this tool, now found in dance stores including their own website, assists as one goes about achieving such esthetic perfection. No longer is a dancer expected to succumb to the task of securing hundreds – quite literally – of bobby pins into a certain shape and lacquering it into place with a good dose of hairspray.

So how does the Pony O work? Since dancers, especially ballerinas are oftentimes in search of the perfect bun, purchasing a Pony O can be the answer one’s looking for. Able to create the perfect donut but with one simple roll and twist, it is a small and simple accessory that can be used time and time again without wearing out.

The Pony O is a firm, bendable object with a soft, velvet coating. It has two long, thin arms which grasp your hair – one arm under your hair, the other overtop. Keeping it flat at first, placing it half way down your mane and beginning to roll upward, once you hit your scalp you can then loop it around to secure it with a tight bend; you’ll feel the impressive tension and how the hair around the Pony O stays perfectly in place – you will instantly achieve the perfect bun. Brushed out bumps can be tucked into the back without a problem and a smooth, finished dancer bun will get you out of the dance store and into the spotlight in no time.

– love from J