Wall Mount Glassless Mirror


Glassless mirror panels are perfect anywhere you want a mirror. Our glassless mirrors are made of a high optical grade, very tough film that results in a completely shatterproof and unbreakable mirror. The reflected image is super clear high definition and amazingly brighter compared to glass, acrylic or plastic mirrors.

The shatterproof panels of glassless mirror are safe and lightweight to mount on walls and ceilings. There is no need to hire professionals – little or no preparation is required to install the panels. The brackets (included) for wall mount installation do not require wall inserts or supports. Installing a glassless mirror panel is similar to hanging a picture with no need to glue down. Glassless mirror panels can easily be suspended from the ceiling with wire, nylon line or affixed with “Velcro”.

When it’s time to move to a new facility, glassless mirrors are easy to remove and relocate. Perfect solution for dance, yoga and pilates studios, spas, hair salons and fitness centers.

Easy to install with brackets (included). Please fill out the add to quote form for a quote including shipping rate for 2 or more mirrors – shipping is usually the same for 1 mirror as 4. Great reduction in price for 4 or more glassless mirrors! Shipping rate is to a commercial address, additional charges may apply to residential address.

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