Two Way Glassless Mirror (Scrim)

Scrim glassless mirror, is a glassless mirror that functions as both a mirror and a rear projection screen.

Scrim glassless mirrors have all the benefits of a glassless mirror – shatterproof, lite-weight, extraordinary reflectivity and easy to install, as well as providing a great projection surface.  Scrim mirrors are not only used in theatrical productions, but also used in architectural design, lighting design and for security.  Our scrim glassless mirrors are made of a highly reflective film, stretched over a solid lightweight aluminum frame.

Glassless scrims both reflect and conduct light, which means if a light is shone from a front-of-house position at a glassless scrim, both the scrim and any objects behind it will be lit.  This can create many special effects and illusions.

  • A glassless scrim will appear semi-transparent if a scene behind has light, but no light is shone on the glassless scrim.
  • A misty or foggy atmosphere effect can be created by lighting the entire scene behind the glassless scrim.
  • The glassless scrim will create an illusion of non-transparency if the scene behind it is not lit and the glassless scrim will be grazed by lights from above or the sides.
  • A “Moire Effect” can be created when layering glassless scrims (one behind another) and illuminating the top scrim, however this can cause disorientation to some observers.

Not only will an image from a lit gobo aimed at the glassless scrim appear, but also any objects behind the scrim will be lit by the gobo design as well.

Glassless scrims can also be used in theatre productions in conjunction with backdrops.  When the backdrop is illuminated (or images or video are rear-projected onto the rear of the drop), the images or hues are obvious.  When the drop is not lit, the images or colors will vanish.  A glassless scrim can also help fade the image, creating the illusion of depth.

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