Glassless Mirror Ceiling Tiles


Glassless mirror ceiling tiles are made of a highly reflective film, stretched over a solid lite-weight aluminum frame. The 2’x2’x¾” (1 ½ lbs) and the 2’x4’x1½” (6 lbs) are easy to install by dropping into a standard exposed grid system.

Mirrored ceilings help protect from theft, yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The reflective ceiling tiles, which are optical quality mirrors, are a perfect way to showcase automobile showrooms, designer showcases, jewellery stores, etc., and are extremely safe from dangers of shattered glass.

For areas without the exposed grid system, large glassless panels can be suspended from the ceiling with a wire, nylon line or can be affixed with “Velcro”. Panels and ceiling tiles can be customized for light fixtures.

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4×4 ft, 2×2 ft, 2×4 ft