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Sprung Dance Floor

Dancers on Sprung Floor

Sprung Dance Floor
“Dance isn’t just about fancy footwork.
It requires grace, discipline, and major muscles.”
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Benefits of Sprung Dance Floor

Dancers know only too well about grace, discipline, and major muscles. Dancers have enough to consider and should not have to worry about shin splints, stress fractures and joint damage.   All too often these injuries happen from dancing without sprung dance floors. This can force a young dancer to have to take weeks or months off training to recover, only to come back to the source of injury – a sprung-less floor. The shock impact caused by landing without proper flooring, is absorbed in two ways; some rebounds back up through the body and some gets transmitted to the floor. The better the sprung dance floor, the less shock the body has to absorb. When landing from a jump, a body can weigh three to five times its own weight. As it descends, so the more shock a floor can absorb the better. With the designing and engineering on the En Pointe Sprung Dance Floor System, much consideration was given not only to ensure the dancer’s well being, but also to design an easy to assemble floor.

Sprung Dance Floor Panel

Sprung Dance Floor Panel


The En Pointe Sprung Dance Floor was designed and tested by dancers from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and engineers to ensure great resilience and absorbency. Each 4’ x 4’ panel consists of 25 Santoprene rubber cushions that provide the consistent “spring” in the sprung dance floor. Unlike foam cushions some sprung floors use, our rubber cushions will last the lifetime of a studio and ensures less chance of ankle, spinal or leg injury.  This enables dancers to feel more secure when training and performing.

Sprung Dance Floor Assembly

Sprung Dance Floor Assembly


Sprung Dance Floor Installation

The sprung dance floor, also known as a floating floor is easily assembled.  The precision machined panels have been grooved along four edges.  Aluminum spline strips are inserted into the groove to secure the panels together to form the sprung dance floor.  All orders come with a custom drawn plan and all hardware necessary for easy installation.  A template for rubber cushion placement is also included.  The En Pointe Sprung Dance Floor can be assembled with minimum of tools.

Perimeter ventilated edging is provided for permanent sprung dance floor.  A locking mechanism is included with the semi permanent or touring sprung floor.  The sprung floor is not attached to the walls or flooring.  The sprung floor can be installed over concrete, low pile carpet or wood flooring.  The En Pointe sprung dance floor is considered and asset and can be easily relocated to a new location.


Can I dance directly on my EnPointe dance floor subfloor?

The EnPointe dance floor is only a subfloor, not a finished surface.  The unfinished MDF surface is not recommended for dancing.  We recommended finishing the EnPointe subfloor with one of a variety of dance flooring products that we supply.

Do I need a vapour barrier?

Prior to laying the floor panels a damp-proof layer of 6mil polyethylene sheeting is recommended on the floor surface.

Do I need to secure the EnPointe sprung floor panels to the existing floor or to the walls?

We do not recommend that you attached the floor panels to the existing floor or walls.  The weight of the panel as well as the ventilated edging surrounding the outside of the sprung dance floor will be sufficient to hold the panel into place.

How are the sprung floors held together?

The precision machined panels have been groved (1/8” wide x 9/16” deep along all four edges.   Aluminum 1” x 1/8” thick by 46” long spline strips are inserted in the groove of the panels to secure the panels together.  Panels are laid brickwork style so that panel joints gain strength.

How many people does it take to lay a sprung floor?

The panels are easily handled by one person but for laying the floor two people can work more effectively.

How much does a sprung floor panel weigh?

The panel weights approximately 50 lbs.

How should the base floor be prepared?

Sweep and clean area where the sprung floor is to be installed.  Base floor should be dry and level.

How will my EnPointe Flooring Package be sent to me?

Flooring package is sent as freight.  EnPointe flooring panels are shipped in crates, approximately 33 panels per crate, weighing up to 1650 lbs.  Delivery is generally made from a dock height (48” tall) truck.  Prior arrangements can be made for a lift gate to deliver to ground level or loading docks lower than 48”.  Delivery is normally made to a street address but not inside.  You should arrange for moving the pallets inside and to your space.  This may mean unpacking the pallets and carrying the panels or transporting to carts.

Is there air circulation under the flooring?

We supply ventilated edging for permanent or semi-permanent floors.  The ventilated edging is attached to the floor around the existing walls.  The edging is not attached to the walls.

To save money, can I buy a full roll of vinyl flooring and cut required lengths at my location?

Yes, most of our suppliers will sell master rolls of flooring and you can save money on the flooring and perhaps on the shipping as well.

For sprung dance floor quote please call us at 1-866-491-9019 or email to discuss your specific needs.

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